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2010 A Trojan Bloodstock | Website by Steve Clarke

A Trojan Bloodstock will pay the Seller of the Racehorse the purchase price minus the agreed 10% or otherwise agreed percentage Agents fee before Transport is organised to pick up the Horse. Whilst we will not hold any monies back from the Sale. The Seller is to do their utmost to forward on all Correct Sales Documents including the Signed Transfers with all previous Owners Signatures & Witnessed, Plus the Id Card within 7 working Days from the date the monies have been cleared in their Account. If this does not occur, then the Buyer is to take this up with the Seller themselves along with "A Trojan Bloodstocks" assistance.

Buyers are to realise that whilst "A Trojan Bloodstock" will do their very Best to get the Seller to forward on all the necessary sale documents within 7 days of the them recieving clear funds in their Account for the purchase of the Racehorse. We will not be held responsible for any costs involved or any other associated responsibilities or costs for any delays whatsoever of these documents arriving in your safe hands.

Whilst all care will be taken in helping a potential buyer choose a Racehorse suitable to them, A Trojan Bloodstock will in no way be held responsible once the monetary transaction has taken place.

The Buyers must realise that the Commission obtained by "A Trojan Bloodstock" is purely for finding the Racehorse that they purchase & not for being responsible for all the other detail's involved with the Racehorse including the arrival of the Signed Transfers & Id Card within 7 Days of the Seller obtaining their money for the Horse, The Transporting of the Horse, The Performance of the Racehorse once leaving the Sellers care or arriving in the Buyers care & most importantly "A Trojan Bloodstock" will definitely not be responsible for the Veterinarians Analysis/Examination of the Racehorse before being purchased by the buyer regardless whether we organise the Veterinarian ourselves through your approval or whether you organise the Veterinarian Analysis/Examination yourself.

The Buyer must make sure to the Best of their knowledge that they are 100% happy with the Veterinarians Analysis/Examination of the Racehorse before purchasing the animal because once the monies are paid to the seller & agent. The Buyer is Stating that they are 100% happy with their purchase of the Racehorse they are buying & their will be no comebacks whatsoever on either party "The Seller or The Agent".

Before purchasing a Racehorse through "A Trojan Bloodstock" The Buyer must realise that we can not be held Responsible for any Statements or Information made or given out to anyone in our Advertisements or Via Emails to anyone as well about the Horses being sold through our Website or Any other Websites, because we do not have the Horses in our own personal care & we are purely relying on the Information that has been given to us via the Sellers/Seller, so once the buyer has paid for the Horse, they must be aware & realise that they are Stating that they are 100% Happy with their purchase of the racehorse they have bought & that they are taking the full 100% responsibility of any inaccuacies mentioned or any inaccurate Statements made in our Advertisements or Emails & there will be no comebacks whatsoever on either party "The Seller or The Agent"

Buyers are also advised by A Trojan Bloodstock to obtain a Vet Examination before purchasing any Racehorse. This is also a policy of A Trojan Bloodstock. Ultimately it is up to the Buyer, though it is not advised by A Trojan Bloodstock to Purchase a Racehorse without a Vet Examination, regardless of any Circumstances whatsoever. If for any reason the Buyer does purchase the Racehorse without a Vet Examination  & against "A Trojan Bloodstock's" Policy. The Buyer must then realise that they are taking 100% responsibilty of the Racehorses Soundness into their own Hands.

The Buyer must realise that if they are not 100% happy with the purchase of their racehorse once arrived in their care, that they must then take it up with the Veterinarian who performed the Examination or the Transport Company if the Horse was injured during it's Travel from the sellers care to their own care. Having said this the Buyer must also realise that Transport Companies do not generally insure any Horses for any damages whatsoever on their Floats or Trucks, so therefore in order for the Buyer to have some peace of mind, it is imperative that the Buyer realises that it is their own responsibilty to Insure their Horse/Horses for any damages, Injury or Sickness that they may occur to their Horse/Horses after they pay the monies to the Seller & Agent.

A Trojan Bloodstock will not be held responsible for any injuries or Illness to any horse, but will try and keep buyers informed if an injury or illness occurs after we have listed a horse on this site.

The Seller must also agree to give A Trojan Bloodstock three weeks exclusive selling rights once the horse has been given to us to sell.  Any contacts given to the seller during this time which ultimately ends in a sale, the seller must still pay A Trojan Bloodstocks agreed 10% fee or otherwise agreed percentage fee

"A Trojan Bloodstock" cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of any information in our advertisements & we cannot guarantee or warrant the condition of any horse, so we fully 100% recommend that the buyer/buyers double check all information given out in our advertisements & we also fully 100% recommend for the buyer/buyers to obtain an independent vet examination after an offer is accepted and prior to exchange of funds

Potential buyers are advised to check all details supplied by us for any inaccuracies.
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Neil Brockington
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