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These precious horse secrets are free proven solutions to saving you
time and money towards your love of owning a fast, healthy racehorse,
"Guaranteeing you peace of mind".

No matter what trainer you select it is very important to keep in close contact with them about how your horse is doing in track work, eating etc.  Also what races the horse is being set for.  A lot of trainers have many horses and it tends to be very hard for them to work out what Jockey seems to ride them best, for example.

I have seen numerous horses come nowhere because the Jockey didnít click with the horse.  You as an owner can monitor your own horseís statistics including:

  •            Whether he likes the wet
  •            How far he likes to run
  •            What Jockey suits,
  •            Does he like blinkers
  •            What position in the race does the horse prefer
  •            What barrier he likes the most

You might think ĎIíll leave it up to the trainer to work outí, but it doesnít hurt to give out your own ideas.

At last you have some grounds to help improve the horse as well as keep the trainer honest, and lets face it, all you can ask for is that the trainer, Jockey and horse give you 100% every week, no matter where the horse comes in the race.  This is a sure bet for your own peace of mind and happiness.  Not to mention the horse.

If you have hardly any say and the horse isnít doing well, maybe you should:

  • a)     Give the horse a spell
  • b)      Change trainer
  • c)      Change Jockey
  • d)      Sell

We are not in this Racing Industry to lose everything, so we must monitor our horse or horses in a way so we can enjoy our lives.

Cutting The Risks
The beauty of buying a tried racehorse is you can, and are, negotiating a price on the horse depending on where and how well the horse has performed.

When you buy an untried horse you are purely buying it on itís breeding and looks.  For example, you might buy a horse by a well known sire for $10 000 because he or she canít win in the city but has ok form in the country, and yet if you bought this same horse untried at the sales, he or she could cost you a great deal more.  So by buying a tried racehorse, you have got more of an idea of what your horse is capable of, where it can race and how much it is worth.

Example 1
If a horse has won a maiden and a class 1, for instance at the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast and is struggling in a class 2 or 3 by only coming 4ths and 5ths, this is a perfect horse to race in Townsville and should go through the classes and make further monies.

Example 2
If a horse has won a maiden in the city and can only manage 4ths and 5ths in a class 1, say at Doomben, well this is a perfect horse to race at the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast and should go further through its classes.

Example 3
If a horse has gone through their classes say at Randwick and is coming 4ths, 5ths and 6ths in open company, well this is a perfect horse to race at Doomben or Eagle Farm in open company or maybe at the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast in open company.

The idea is to win races and sometimes you have to place the horse at different venues to achieve this.  Otherwise you have to sell the horse to people at these places for an affordable price.  Winning Racehorses are a great way to put extra money in your pocket and A Trojan Bloodstock can help you.

Bloodstock Agents
Bloodstock Agents are great guides for seeking advice and leading you in the right direction, but you must have an idea in your head about what type of horses you would like and how much you would like to spend.  Only then can we help you.

When buying a tried racehorse be aware of other costs involved such as:

  •          Transporting your horse
  •          Trainers Fees
  •          Spelling Fees
  •         Veterinarian Checks  { scoping, blood tests etc }

It is a good idea to factor these expenses in when buying your racehorse.  You could also consider being a part owner with other interested buyers and share the cost of the horse.  If that horse goes well you can then buy another and build up a team of horses.  This will create a lot of fun and excitement.

My job as a Bloodstock Agent is to sell you a horse at the right price and to make sure the horse is sound.  This way there is fun and excitement for everyone.  Owners who sell their horses would want the new owners to be happy so they can sell more horses in the future.

Sires and Pedigrees
Depending on the Sire and Mare, it can make a difference to the price of a horse, but in most cases with tried racehorses or previously raced horses; it depends on what they have done and where they have raced.  I can help you in this area as I have vast knowledge in this field gained through many years of experience.  I have done years of study in this area and would only be too pleased to give any advice to ensure your happiness.

There are many transport companies that will accommodate you in this area, all varying slightly in price.  Make sure the company who is picking up and delivering the horse have both addresses to ensure there are no problems.  You also need dates and times of pick up and delivery so the trainer at each end is aware and ready for a smooth transition.

Whilst you can only insure your horse for theft and mortality, it is a wise move to do so as it gives you peace of mind in these situations.
A number of companies can help you with Bloodstock Insurance, varying slightly depending on the type of cover you would like.

Tried Horse Sales
Tried Horse Sales are also advertised for private sale in the racing press.  When thinking about attending these sales for purchasing a horse, be very careful and take your trainer with you to inspect these horses as well.  It is also sensible to have a veterinarian check before purchasing.

You may also want the horse to be Ďscopedí.  Scoping weeds out anatomical problems in horses, including breathing problems. 

Tips On Your Horse
Your peace of mind is A Trojan Bloodstockís main concern and as an extra assurance I will talk to the trainer who has trained the horse previously as well as the Jockey who has previously ridden the horse, finding out any secret tips in which the horse likes or dislikes.  This can save you lots of time and money.  Knowing what your horse likes or dislikes can help your new trainer and Jockey no end.

All horses have different personalities, traits and habits, so getting to know your horse is very important and as an extra service I can help you do this.

Please Complete the form with as much details as possible. Once submitted to A Trojan Bloodstock, we will either contact you to discuss your enquiry or we will just simply place your offer in if required as well :)
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